Nature = Innate Physical Education

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To spend time engaged with all our senses and work collaboratively in a natural environment(VCHPEP063) (VCHPEM064) (VCHPEM065) (VCHPEM068) (VCHPEP079) (VCHPEM085) (VCHPEM086)

Whilst one of the ultimate goals of a nature based pedagogy is in allow students to experience nature in a completely child-led way and have them embrace the inherent learning that comes. It can be helpful for students to have some guidance, especially student new to the idea of being outside as learning time rather than break time and when working with a group of new students that don't yet know each other.

Guided Walks: A Walking Curriculum by Gillian Judson has many examples of directed walks that can be taken around a school yard or further afield. A sensory walk, for example in which students notice different textures around them allowing students to become more emerged in their environment and develop a sense of place.

Den Building: Pyramidal stick structures have become ubiquitous with spending time in nature in recent year, whether you call them; dens, cubbies, forts or something else they are an excellent activity to direct students attention and to provide them with a focus for sticks. They can be of a multitude of scales, from those fit for fairies to those fit for a whole class, and complexity depending on both the natural resources available and the ingenuity of students. They work as an excellent ice-breaker for students who are still getting to know each other and provide endless opportunities for collaboration and student employ real world maths and engineering in the process. They can also provide excellent climbing structures if built securely!