Victoria's Health & Physical Education Scope & Sequence
Movement and Physical Activity: Foundation - Level 2

Working in a small regional school surrounded by unique natural habitat it only makes sense that the scope & sequence outlined above incorporates these areas. Physical movement in a variety of settings naturally requires students to practice a wide range of fundamental movement skills. Through exploring the local nature reserves students can practice balancing on logs or running through soft sand. They can have a fully impressed sensory experience in which their whole minds and bodies are engaged when navigating climbing the local Moonah trees. This incorporates, space and time and objects as well as social navigation and negotiation when more than one child is using an object. By utilising these areas around the school that many students are familiar with invite students to continue their physical activity outside of school hours. Students may walk home through the lake reserve that runs between the school and many houses and stop to show their care givers what they did there. Students going to the beach with families on the weekend will continue to build their familiarity of the coastal environment and have the scope to naturally extend their skills to an aquatic environment. Within the school environment the scope extends to more intimate environments allowing room for teachers to use a range of stimuli for students to respond to. From traditional sporting equipment like hoops and balls to the space within the multipurpose classroom for wet days.